i am a self thought photographer, born in '68, raised in lovely innsbruck/austria, working and living in zürich/switzerland now since more than a decade.

i am fascinated by photography in all its forms since i discovered my dad's Super 8 Canon camera at the age of 9.

after sports photography during my youthful years i made a decent break before i started to shoot primarily interior and architecture for shops, which i am still doing but now mainly for art galleries.

against the believes of friends and myself and due to a fortunate coincidence i "stumbled" into the people photography. thanks to the huge support of my friend chris, i started to fall in love with capturing the true face of the models, unaffected, honest, pure. My ambition is to make the thoughts visible in the picture, to capture the ephemeral moment forever.

i consider myself a tech nerd and this circumstance led to the fact that i own a whole variety of different camera systems and so, depending on the subject and my mood i can choose between Leica, Hasselblad and Canon. digital color, digital b&w, analog film, polaroid, 35mm, medium format.

if you have any comments, questions, concerns, please use the link below to get in contact with me.

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