most versatile

one of my dreams was to once have the chance to shot with a medium format camera. i wanted to experience this new level of picture quality and the freedom to flash sync at any speed. so a few years ago i thought, why not getting an old mid format camera and wait for the day when you can afford a used digiback with a 30 mpix resolution.

despite the fact that there are competitors, for sure one of the most known in this segment is Hasselblad. i started to go through different sites, collecting information on which would be the perfect candidate for me and i saw that Hasselblad offered a 50 mpix digiback for their most famous V series (yes the camera which has been on the moon). but to be honest, it was a way too expensive. but anyway i decided to start with the affordable parts which have been a 503CW with a film back and a 80mm lens. i got one from the last production series for a good price, though i had to bring the camera to the service as the shutter didn't release.

over the time i started to add some lenses, a polaroid back, another film back, accessories and also i rented the piece of desire, the CVF50c from a local camera store for a weekend and the quality i got was stunning. never experienced such a versatile camera and also such a color depth as with the CVF50c.

it became a daily routine to go through all websites i knew which offer used equipment looking for this digiback. Hasselblad, at this time, decided to not continue manufacturing the CVF50c, as they brought out their new mirrorless version of a mid format camera. and there were none of this digibacks available anymore, not new ones, nor used ones.

but, there was this one morning, on my favorite site for used camera gear there was this ad. an offer for a CVF50c, barely 2000 clicks, affordable price. so i met this guy, a very passionate one with obviously enough money to fulfill all of his photographic equipment desires, who showed me this like brand new CVF50c and we made the deal.

since then, i'm the proud owner of the most versatile camera i own. film, polaroid, digital by simply exchanging the camera back.

Polaroid 600SE

Today I went for a walk with my recently acquired Polaroid 600SE and some Fuji FP100C film. The film expired in 2013 but I wanted to give it a try, also because I got some quite expensive black&white pack films as well and I have to get used to the camera and the settings before using them.
Oh it was so much fun. People stop by to see what huge camera I'm using. Asking if it's autofocus and how many megapixels the sensor has *lol*.
This heavy beast is 50 years old and hasn't forgotten how to do the job !
Next step is to get prints using the negatives.

going online

it has been a while without a homepage. it took some conviction from friends to finally start and complete this project. in the beginning of 2018 a friend of mine finally kicked it off with helping me to select pictures which would become my portfolio and group them into categories (thank you so much Antonio).
throughout the year I had some shootings which enriched my stock of pictures and allows me to extend my online portfolio frequently.
and i found koken, the cms on which this site is built on. i not even discovered all the features yet, but it gives you a lot of freedom while guiding you perfectly through all the processes.

last but not least, special thanks to all people who believed in me and encouraged me to keep on going. first and foremost Ramses without whom i would never be where i am today !
(and yes i could be even further if i would listen to him)

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new family member

some stuff about my latest invest

i have a Polaroid back for my Hasselblad camera since about two years and also was able to buy some color pack films for an acceptable price as prices increase due to the fact that this type of film isn't produced anymore. i bought this equipment because i've been sure that at some point someone will produce this type of film again, responding to the also increasing demand.

because the Hasselblad does only expose a 6x6 square of the picture, i wanted to have a camera which takes advantage of the whole exposable area to reveal the full potential of these precious films.

luckily i have my contacts and so i found an affordable Polaroid 600SE with a 127mm f/4.7 interchangeable lens. this has been one of the most professional Polaroid cameras at their time. and apparently I was on a roll because i also found a remainder of black and white packfilm that day. i bought three packs for a not exactly cheap price to find out a bit later that day, that there will be a kickstarter project launching later this year to reinvent the production of Polaroid 100 packfilms.