most versatile

one of my dreams was to once have the chance to shot with a medium format camera. i wanted to experience this new level of picture quality and the freedom to flash sync at any speed. so a few years ago i thought, why not getting an old mid format camera and wait for the day when you can afford a used digiback with a 30 mpix resolution.

despite the fact that there are competitors, for sure one of the most known in this segment is Hasselblad. i started to go through different sites, collecting information on which would be the perfect candidate for me and i saw that Hasselblad offered a 50 mpix digiback for their most famous V series (yes the camera which has been on the moon). but to be honest, it was a way too expensive. but anyway i decided to start with the affordable parts which have been a 503CW with a film back and a 80mm lens. i got one from the last production series for a good price, though i had to bring the camera to the service as the shutter didn't release.

over the time i started to add some lenses, a polaroid back, another film back, accessories and also i rented the piece of desire, the CVF50c from a local camera store for a weekend and the quality i got was stunning. never experienced such a versatile camera and also such a color depth as with the CVF50c.

it became a daily routine to go through all websites i knew which offer used equipment looking for this digiback. Hasselblad, at this time, decided to not continue manufacturing the CVF50c, as they brought out their new mirrorless version of a mid format camera. and there were none of this digibacks available anymore, not new ones, nor used ones.

but, there was this one morning, on my favorite site for used camera gear there was this ad. an offer for a CVF50c, barely 2000 clicks, affordable price. so i met this guy, a very passionate one with obviously enough money to fulfill all of his photographic equipment desires, who showed me this like brand new CVF50c and we made the deal.

since then, i'm the proud owner of the most versatile camera i own. film, polaroid, digital by simply exchanging the camera back.