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some stuff about my latest invest

i have a Polaroid back for my Hasselblad camera since about two years and also was able to buy some color pack films for an acceptable price as prices increase due to the fact that this type of film isn't produced anymore. i bought this equipment because i've been sure that at some point someone will produce this type of film again, responding to the also increasing demand.

because the Hasselblad does only expose a 6x6 square of the picture, i wanted to have a camera which takes advantage of the whole exposable area to reveal the full potential of these precious films.

luckily i have my contacts and so i found an affordable Polaroid 600SE with a 127mm f/4.7 interchangeable lens. this has been one of the most professional Polaroid cameras at their time. and apparently I was on a roll because i also found a remainder of black and white packfilm that day. i bought three packs for a not exactly cheap price to find out a bit later that day, that there will be a kickstarter project launching later this year to reinvent the production of Polaroid 100 packfilms.